Comfort Eating - everything you wanted to know about it and how to Stop Comfort Eating Now
Everything you wanted to know about Comfort Eating

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Stop Comfort Eating - Lose Weight

Tessa Sanderson C.B.E. Olympic Gold Medallist JavelinHi,

Tessa Sanderson here, Olympic Javelin Gold Medallist.

Welcome to this website on comfort eating.

If you want to learn about comfort eating and how to break your comfort eating habit then you've come to the right place!
Believe me, I've been comfort eating for years and it's only recently that I have been able to break the habit.

And the result?

I've lost 33 lbs in just 4 months. I haven't dieted. I haven't gone hungry. And I've never counted a single calorie.

I have a new wardrobe of size 12 clothes - and I feel terrific! My confidence is sky high.
I have more energy and my skin is positively glowing with health.

All this became possible after a chance meeting with David Brookes - a Harley Street weight loss specialist - who has opened my eyes to a whole set of comfort eating habits I never even knew I had.

After listening to the story of my weight loss struggle over recent years David handed me a copy of his latest weight loss audio programme STOP COMFORT EATING NOW!

And as he started to talk my head started to nod - here was somebody who really knew what he was talking about. I found myself grinning as I began to realise just how much comfort eating had been the cause of my weight gain.

It was the most incredible feeling to realise that here was a new way forward. The sensation of freedom from years of being stuck with my old comfort eating habits was like a breath of fresh air.

Stop Comfort Eating Now! Book and 2 CDsI followed the instructions - listening to the CDs three times a week for two weeks and answering the questions in the accompanying book.

I have to tell you, those first two weeks were like a revelation for me. All those tempting snacks and high calorie treats just didn't attract me any more. They stayed on the shelf in the shop and went straight from the cupboard to the dustbin at home.

After about 10 days I moved my belt a notch tighter and that felt like a real sense of achievement.

I have to say I was so impressed with my results that I told all my friends about it and when David mentioned he was going to create a website about comfort eating I leaped at the chance to contribute.

There are many so called "quick fixes" about and it is so refreshing for me to be able to pass on my experience of a product which I know can genuinely help people lose weight and keep it off.

And it is not just you who can benefit. Once you realise just how comfort eating develops you will be able to pass your learning on to the rest of your family.

I did - and the results have been terrific.

To find out more about STOP COMFORT EATING NOW! click here.

To order your copy click here.

It has worked wonders for me and no matter how you are trying to lose weight I am sure it can do exactly the same for you.

My very best wishes for your future weight loss success.

Warmest regards,

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Tessa Sanderson C.B.E.

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